Over a year ago I wrote and published, for the first time, a short poetry book, Black Girl Shine, with the intention of highlighting the beautiful Black Kings and Queens that surround, support and inspire me on a daily basis.


The collection of poems also served as a confidence booster from me to me–kind of like a letter to my younger self (hey, you gotta #loveyourself).

Today, the book has more than 1,600 reads in over 10 countries around the world. You can read the book on Wattpad through Dropbox). Black Girl Shine is currently ranked at #107 in short poems, #50 in empathy and #175 in lessons.

Ever since I published my poetry book, I took it upon myself to use the hashtag #BlackGirlShine to celebrate other people’s accomplishments, along with my own. To me, #BlackGirlShine isn’t only a book–it’s a lifestyle and celebration of what can be accomplished as a Black female boss.

With that being said, I’m excited to introduce a tab on my blog for Black girls to share the many untold stories on how they shine, why they shine and/or what makes them a boss.

#BlackGirlShine Submissions wanted!

You can submit on any topic from your hair journey, your trials and tribulations and personal goals to a life lesson, an event that contributed to your growth or career path story–the sky’s the limit!

To submit your story of 400 words or less, you can email me using subject line “#BlackGirlShine Submission” at aissatou.tbah@gmail.com. Feel free to send in a photo or photos to accompany your story, as well as links to your social media or preferred platform. 

This is YOUR chance to inspire Black girls around the world.

So, Black girl, go on shine!



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