During my recent trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia, I had the chance to visit a few restaurants in the area, one of which was The Foggy Goggle. I actually stumbled up on the restaurant via a google search.  I saw that their brunch menu was filled with multiple gluten free and Vegan options, so on Tuesday morning, off we (my friend Alyssa and I) went. However, I obviously didn’t read the website properly because brunch was only being served on weekends. So, we stuck with the lunch menu.


I ordered the Bulgogi mushroom burger ($15) on a gluten free bun, with a side of roasted potatoes. It was absolutely amazing! It was the first time I had a burger with mushroom as the main ingredient. The patty was a bit crumbly, but overall stayed put together. I think the pickled red cabbage really elevated the burger and enjoyed the tasted of the tofu mayo. I also loved that the potatoes weren’t fried. I highly recommend this dish as it was super filling.


Normally, I wouldn’t order dessert during lunch, but I was offered a gluten free and dairy free chocolate torte ($7) and couldn’t resist saying no. And I’m glad I went for it because it hit all the right spots in my mouth. The cake had the right density (fudgy, but not brownie fudgy) and the cream melted in your mouth oh so perfectly. Put those two together and it makes for the perfect bite. It’s topped with shaved almonds which is perfect as it adds a texture that contrasts to the cake’s texture. I would consider it a crime if you visited and didn’t end your meal with this cake.


Overall, my meal at this restaurant was great and my server was awesome and super knowledgeable when it came to accommodating my allergies. I definitely plan on coming back–but this time, for brunch!



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