Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit Sorelle and Co. with one of my girlfriends in Yorkville. And boy, was I impressed!


First, it’s such a beautiful and cute space I immediately started taking pictures. Please note that this is their ‘boutique’ location, so I find that it would be perfect for a group of two or three.

Second, and most importantly, everything is GLUTEN-FREE, VEGAN, SOY-FREE, NUT-FREE and PRESERVATIVE FREE.


Yes, you read that correctly! It’s basically heaven for people like me who’ve got allergies.

Sorelle offers sweet and savoury dishes. I wasn’t about to pass up on the opportunity to grab an allergy-friendly meal, so I ordered the roasted vegetable panini ($12) while my friend ordered tacos ($13.50). While the hot food was incredibly delicious, I do believe that the tacos were slightly overpriced.


Now for my favourite part–dessert!


Sorelle offers over two dozen types of pastries ranging from muffins and cupcakes to eclairs and tarts. Pricing ranges from $3-7 ($9.25 if you include bread loaves).

I indulged in a brownie ($5.10) and purchased a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting and a chocolate cupcake with orange-flavoured frosting ($5.50 each) to take home with me in the beautiful box below.


The brownie was hard around the edges, but delectably soft and rich in the middle. It did have the right amount of frosting on top, as well as round decorative sprinkles–which I believe the brownie could’ve done without.

I also got the chance to taste the banana bread (good but a little too sweet for banana bread) and the chocolate caramel doughnut (amazing and soft without falling apart!).

It’s important to note that there isn’t any information available at the moment both in-store or online regarding nutrition–which I find intriguing.

But overall, I had an amazing time. The highlight for me was not worrying about whether or not I could consume the food available. I found the food to be a bit pricey (I spent $37.45 taxes and tip included)–however I saw it as a treat and definitely plan on visiting again or ordering a custom cake!


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