Hey guys! Great news, I am back with another decor DIY for y’all. You can make this beautiful piece to spice up the areas around you such as your work space, office and/or home!

Here are the materials you’ll need:

– a canvas (any size)
– tape (preferably coloured tape)
– scissors
– acrylic paint (using your favourite colours-but it’s a good idea to check this website to see what colours work well together)

Let’s get started!

1. First, you’re going to create your geometric shapes by using tape. Make sure you cut each piece straight by using scissors and make it long enough so that you can secure it to the back. Press the tape firmly so the paint does not bleed onto the white space.

2. Paint using three or more of your favourite colours! Note: You may need to paint more than one layer.

3. Let dry completely for one to two hours.

4. Remove tape!

And there you have it! A cute, cheap and easy decor DIY!

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