As part of a class exercise, I had to read something to my peers. I chose to read three lists which contained very different words.


List one is a list of words that other people had used in
the past to describe me.

The words are: crazy, boring, useless, stupid and

List two is a list of words that I have used to describe

The words are: smart, brave, dope, amazing and talented.

List three is a list of words that I would like to use more

The words are: fearless, synergy, delightful, worthy and scintillate.

These lists all hold personal meaning to me and strongly shaped the beliefs I hold today.

I chose negative words in list one because although I had
been better described, I still remember what and who happened. My reaction to those words were either
shock, laughter (because I can take a ‘joke’) and/or silence.

I chose positive words in list two because I want to
influence others to use words like these. I also want to encourage the use of uplifting words with one another.

List three is words I would like to use more often in my
everyday conversations. I find the meanings to those words dope. And maybe, I also want to feel/be those words.

What I hope I have achieved in this post is
to teach people that words matter and once you say something, you may never be
able to take it back. Also, it is a big FUCK YOU to the people for trying to
silence and diminish me. Sharing this in class was hard but I am glad I did it!

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